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Discover our state-of-the-art machine vision solutions tailored to optimize your production processes and transform your manufacturing ecosystem.


We offer customer-centric machine vision solutions with innovative features like orientation, double device, and mixing for semiconductor post-processing.

Inspect the entire wafer to determine the presence or absence of material and measure the exact center value

  • Surface defect inspection
  • Detection possible with GV Difference > 30
  • Pattern inspection
  • Able to inspect even if various patterns are introduced

Implementation of an algorithm that automatically censors user-specified text

secondary battery

Smart solutions for the mass production and efficiency management of clean energy.

  • Inspection area setting for curved parts and coating peeling test
  • Measurement of defective area size

Surface defect inspection

Measurement of processing dimensions


Innovative, accurate, and reliable laser solutions.

  • All-in-one inverted laser scanning two-photon microscope for observing cells
  • A beam point scanning system is comprised of a galvanometer mirror scanner and a resonant mirror scanner, enabling point scanning
  • A scanning microscope method that generates images using PMT (photo multiplier tube) signals acquired through point scanning
  • Contains a control signal device to control a small femtosecond laser
  • Equipped with highly sensitive multi-channel PMT for fluorescence signal detection
  • A filter wheel can be installed to attach various types of filters
  • Sample position can be observed with a reflective camera
  • Safe objective lens magnification can be changed by linking the automatic electric turret and Z-focus stage retraction/advance drive
  • Complies with standard objective lens specifications and is compatible with existing microscope lenses

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